Panels 5-9

Panel 6: They departed in haste

Panel 5: The first transport from Vienna

Truus Wijsmuller saves 630 children on one train, December 10, 1938. “We remind again that the luggage must contain nothing but the children’s personal items. Any forbidden additions will result in the child not being taken along.” – Israelitische Kultusgemeinde, Vienna.

Panel 6: They departed in haste

“Fur, fur gesunterheit, Gott soll dich beglicken…” – Yiddish song Mary Arnold’s father taught her the day before she left Vienna.

Panel 7: Dovercourt

The first transports are housed in empty summer camps on England’s east coast, winter 1938-1939. “In Dovercourt the winter sea was like God’s mercy vast and wild.” – Karen Gershon.

Panel 8: Foster-home stories

Many children are taken into group homes. Many others are sent, alone to foster homes – their stories are all unique. “Healthy Czecho-Slovakian girl, 13, only child, seeks home with good-hearted families.” — ad in Jewish Chronicle, London, February 1939.

Panel 9: Evacuation

In September 1939, refugee children – many just arrived – are evacuated from major cities with British children to escape German air raids. “Suddenly I was no longer different.” – Lenore Davis in ‘I Came Alone’.