The Kindertransport Journey Museum Quality Traveling Exhibit

The Kindertransport Association has created a series of exhibition panels that trace the epic journey of the Kindertransport from 1938 into the 21st century.

These panels are designed for exhibition in Holocaust Museums and Study Centers, Universities, and Jewish Community Centers. The full set of exhibition panels consists of 17 full color panels (16 are 30” x 40”; 1 is 20” x 30”), laminated and framed, sealed in non-glare plexiglass.

For availability and more information on any of the exhibits: exhibit@kindertransport.org.

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Kindertransport Memorial Quilt Project

The Kindertransport Quilts are a form of folk art that allows multiple artists, each with their own artistic expression, to produce a work with a unifying theme. Each square expresses its creator’s view of the Kindertransport experience: pictures of the past, fears and nightmares, memorials to lost family. They express traumatic childhood experiences, as recalled with the perspective of maturity. The panels of the quilts show a great variety of expressions.

The quilts include children’s drawings of trains, one captioned, “Thank You for Saving Grandma’s Life.” Some panels picture the all-important travel documents. Most poignant, perhaps, is a child’s drawing of her mother behind barbed wire waving good-bye, and a photo taken on the station platform, labeled “The Last Time I Saw My Parents.” Were I to have the skill to design a panel, I would show myself, a lonely child, reaching out to my Austrian birth parents with one hand, and my English foster-parents with the other. I was one of the very lucky ones; not only was I reunited with my parents after the war, but I gained loving English foster-parents, and an English brother. However, remnants of the separation trauma linger on.

“We are all grateful to Kirsten Grosz for having produced these quilts, touching and artistic reminders of the Holocaust.” – Kurt Fuchel, Past-President Kindertransport Association of North America

Four quilts have been produced by Kindertransport Association members and the Kindertransport Memory Quilts have been loaned on a permanent basis to the Holocaust Memorial Center Zekelman Family Campus by Kirsten Grosz and her family, in memory of Hanus Grosz, the Kinder, and their brave parents.

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Kindertransport Quilt Replicas

The Kindertransport Quilt Replicas on display, Hofstra University 2014

Three Kindertransport Quilt replicas, true to size at 70″ tall, beautifully printed on sturdy vinyl cloth, are available for exhibition in Holocaust Museums and Study Centers, Universities, Jewish Community Centers, and synagogues.

For availability and more information email us.

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KTA Speakers Bureau

Lisl Schick speaking at the Florida Holocaust Museum, Saint Petersburg, Florida, October 2008

The Kindertransport Association has speakers located throughout the United States. Their talks are suitable for various audiences, including adults and students as young as age 10.

Topics include Growing Up Under the Nazi Threat, Family Histories, The Kindertransport Experience, and My Life as a Child Refugee in England.

The Kindertransport Association Speakers Bureau can be contacted at speaker@kindertransport.org.

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