Panels 10-13

Panel 7: Dovercourt

Panel 10: Internment and deportation

In 1940, fearing invasion, the British government interns adult refugees from Germany and Austria as potential fifth columnists. Kindertransport boys over 16 are interned; some are deported to Canada and Australia with adult refugees. Driven from Germany as Jews, interned in England as Germans – from the ‘Llandough Castle News.’

Panel 11: A Jewish farm in County Down

Many of the Kindertransport children work in agriculture. Kinder revisit the site of the Millisle Jewish farming colony in Northern Ireland (1938-1948). “Where are those who lived here in years that have gone? Where are the builders?” – Samuel Ha-Nagid

Panel 12: The lost families

“My heart, my heart is moved for those that died. My soul will not be comforted for those that died by fire” – Joseph Ha Cohen, The Vale of Tears, c. 1575.

Panel 13: Retribution

The refugee commandos and parachutists; the volunteers to the Jewish Brigade; 1942-1945. “He hath sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound.” – Isaiah.