Panels 14-17

Panel 12: The lost families

Panel 14: Return to Zion

After the war many emigrate to Palestine; many fight in Israel’s War of Independence, many fall. The founding of Kibbutz Lavi by Kinder in 1949. “What will you do in our land, where the sun burns so hot? We’ll create with our hands, we will build with our blood.” – Zionist song from Vienna.

Panel 15: Many journeys

From the Arctic to the Himalayas – the Kinder scatter over the world. “I shall send such as escape of them to the nations of the sea; the isles far off.” – Isaiah

Panel 16: The story continues

North American reunion in Washington, D.C., June 1998. “Hine ma tov… Behold, how good and pleasant for brethren to dwell together in unity.” – Psalm of David, 133.

Panel 17. About the exhibit

In this, the last panel, the photo-portraits of the author’s first three Vienna childhood friends symbolize the multitude of Jewish children not saved. “In life my friends did not come with us… but now in telling the story of our Kindertransport journey I have taken them aboard so that their images and names, at least, may survive.”

The exhibit was produced entirely by those rescued by the Kindertransport – it is not only about, but a product of the Kindertransport Journey. Some saved ship-tickets and other artifacts of the journey in 1939; others contributed stories to Bertha Leverton’s anthology, I Came Alone (1990), a major resource for the exhibit. Robert Sugar, the author, as a boy, made photos of the Millisle Refugee Farm in Northern Ireland, where he was sent. “My own photos represent just the smallest part of the images shown, but they remain the kernel of the idea for the exhibit which, it now seems clear, I began to design in 1944.” The formation of the Kindertransport Association in North America made it possible to realize this idea.

The exhibit has traveled widely in the United States since 2001 and has become a staple of Holocaust education in Northern Ireland, frequently shown at the country’s annual Holocaust Memorial Day commemorations. To inquire about booking, write to