Panels 1-4

Panel 3: The November 9 Pogrom

Panel 1: The Kindertransport Journey

Overview. The first Berlin transport, December 1, 1938

Panel 2: Five shots in Paris

Herschel Grynszpan, 17 years old, assassinates the German diplomat von Rath to avenge the deportation of his parents to Poland. November 7, 1938. “With God’s help, my dear parents, I could not do otherwise, may God forgive me, the heart bleeds when I hear of your tragedy and that of the 12,000 Jews. I have to protest in such a way that the whole world hears my protest” – Herschel Grynszpan.

Panel 3: The November 9 Pogrom

Herschel’s shots serve as pretext for the long planned pogrom. “The night of terror began with loud banging and the sound of broken glass.” – Anne L. Fox

Panel 4: The Kindertransport rescue

The pogrom galvanized rescue efforts in Britain: the Jewish refugee committees and the government; chronology. “Here is the chance of taking the young generation of a great people.” – Sir Samuel Hoare, in Parliament, November 21, 1938