Past Events

World Kindertransport Day Commemoration

December 1, 2020

Suzanne Goldsmith, who was on the first Kindertransport from Austria, and David Meyerhof, whose mother was on the Kindertransport from Germany, will present a program commemorating World Kindertransport Day-the 75th Anniversary of the Kindertransports. Burbank,CA the Burbank Media Mall, 2nd floor, next to Burlington Coat Factory. For more info, contact David Meyerhof, 818-261-2060 or

Stories of Kindertransport and the Enigma Machine

December 1, 2020 - December 2, 2020

Janet Merkur, a KT2 and Chair of the Australian chapter of the Kindertransport Association, and a former Honorary Secretary of the Australian Association of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Descendants will speak. Janet’s mother was saved through Kindertransport, and she brings her unique understanding to the topic. Her mother also had involvement with the breaking of “Enigma” which helped the allies bring WWII to a close. Attendance in person or by zoom To book:

Virtual Cafe Europa

November 22, 2020

KInder gather for virtual tea party

While we can’t hold our annual NYC KTA gathering this year, care packages with tea and sweet treats have been delivered to NYC local Kindertransport Survivor KTA members, and we will gather together online for a virtual Cafe Europa. Supported by the Claims Conference.

Information Session on Austrian Citizenship for KT2s and KT3s

November 18, 2020

KTA Austrian Citizenship session

The KTA hosts an information session on questions posed by descendants of Austrian Holocaust Survivors on the process of applying for Austrian Citizenship with the new 58c para. 1a of the Austrian Citizenship Act together with the Austrian Consulate General in New York.

Haunted by Shadows? Jonathan Lichtenstein in conversation with Gaby Koppel

July 21, 2020

Jonathan Lichtenstein, award-winning playwright and Professor of Drama at the University of Essex, in conversation with novelist Gaby Koppel about his forthcoming book The Berlin Shadow: Living with the Ghosts of the Kindertransport. The book will be published by Scribner on 6 August. To register:

LBI Book Club, Vol III: Her First American by Lore Segal

July 14, 2020

Join the Leo Baeck Institute and author and Kindertransportee Lore Segal in reading and discussing one of her most important works, Her First American. The first chapter of Her First American is based on Lore Segal’s short story The First American, published in The New Yorker in 1983. To hear to a discussion on the story:

Thomas Harding in conversation with David Herman

July 8, 2020

Join the Association of Jewish Refugees to hear Thomas Harding talk with David Herman, on topics ranging from the reclamation of German citizenship to writing. Thomas Harding is a bestselling author and a 2G, whose books have been translated into 16 languages. Author of HANNS AND RUDOLF which won the JQ-Wingate Prize for Non-Fiction & THE HOUSE BY THE LAKE. David Herman is contributing editor for the AJR Journal and has written on Holocaust literature for the Guardian & the Independent.

The Kindertransport in National and Transnational Perspective

June 24, 2020

How do we remember the Kindertransport, and why? How does British memory of this event compare with memory in other English-speaking host nations who took in German Jewish refugees? In this online event Amy Williams and Bill Niven will explore how the Kindertransport has been remembered in Britain, and compare British memory of this event with memory in the other English-speaking host nations which took in the refugee children (Kinder), namely America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The Island of Extraordinary Captives

June 17, 2020

Journalist and author Simon Parkin will talk about the research he has been conducting for his forthcoming book, The Island of Extraordinary Captives. The book tells, for the first time, the story of Hutchinson camp on the Isle of Man. This talk will focus on émigré architect Bruno Ahrends and the establishment of the Camp University – probably the finest in the world in 1940! Co-hosted by Insider/Outsider Festival and the AJR

AJR Online Book Club with Ariana Neumann

June 16, 2020

THhe Association for Jewish Refugees hosts a discussion with Ariana Neumann on her book “When Time Stopped: A Memoir of My Father’s War and What Remains” with its author Ariana Neumann. In this remarkably moving memoir Ariana Neumann dives into the secrets of her father’s past: years spent hiding in plain sight in war-torn Berlin, the annihilation of dozens of family members in the Holocaust, and the courageous choice to build anew.

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