Screening of Letters From Brno and Discussion with Producer and Writer Karen Kruger


April 26, 2023    
2:00 pm EDT - 3:30 pm EDT

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The KTA is thrilled to announce a special private screening and discussion of KTA Board Member Karen Kruger’s new film Letters From Brno. Letters From Brno is a powerful personal story of parental love and unspeakable tragedy. In December 1976, on a college break, Karen learned that her mother, Erika Stefanie Turkl (Neumann) was Jewish. This discovery marked the beginning of Karen’s search for answers to the puzzle of what had happened to her mother and her family. As she pieces together her family history, Karen learns that her mother and aunt were sent from Czechoslovakia via Kindertrantransport. The film uses interviews along with archival footage, photographs, documents and letters from Karen’s grandparents during the years 1939-1941. The letters are eyewitness accounts of putting Karen’s mother and her younger sister on a Kindertransport to England and their parents’ attempts to escape Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia. You can see a trailer:

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