Winton Train Sept. 1st-4th 2009 (Kindertransport revisited)

by Tom Berman

Smelling again
the steam train smells
soot coming in the window
as we cross the landscapes
of  the Czech lands,
woods and rolling fields

to Nürnberg
of dark memories;
the Rhineland-
and a choir of kinder
singing: Kde moj dom….

to Cologne;
along the level plains
of Holland

night crossing
to Harwich
with English gulls
as our train
pulls out of the platform
the Fens and
coming at last
steam wreathed
to Liverpool St. Station

Inspired by Good
a voyage reenacted
passing on the message
to a younger generation

So many stories
trajectories of lives
chance coincidences
with jazz sessions
by the Hottentots
much laughter, tears
and a kaleidoscope
of memories shared

old friendships found
and new bonds made