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A Thousand Kisses Stories of the Kindertransport

by Weiner Library (2018); Published by Harwich Haven: Surrender and Sanctuary

This exhibition tells the story of the Kindertransports through the experiences of eight children and the loved ones they left behind, whose documents, letters and memoirs are amongst those held in the Wiener Library Collections. It is a story of persecution, migration, of refugees who were made welcome and those who were turned away.

Anne Frank Guide: The Kindertransport

This student-oriented web page offers an overview of the Kindertransport as well as a profile of Nicholas Winton and a link to an article about Kind Alfred Batzdorff.

Association of Holocaust Organizations

An international network for the advancement of Holocaust education, remembrance and research.

Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR): Kindertransport

The official web home of the British Kinder.

Ballyrolly House, Millisle, Co. Down

Published by WartimeNI

Ballyrolly House stood in 70 acres of land in Millisle, Co. Down. The Belfast Jewish Community saw to it that the farm would house Kindertransport refugees.

BBC History Online

By typing “Kindertransport” in the search field, you will access all programs relating to the Kindertransport aired on BBC television, radio and websites.

BBC Teach: WWII, Nicholas Winton

(2020) Published by BBC

In 1938, Nicholas Winton was a young stockbroker in London. He was keenly aware of the events unfolding on the continent. Jews were under threat in Nazi-occupied Europe. Anti-Semitism was established in law and violence against Jewish buildings and businesses was increasing. It was clear to many that worse would follow.

British Library Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust

These recordings are powerful personal accounts of the Holocaust from Jewish survivors living in Britain. The interviews were selected from a much larger oral history project, the Living Memory of the Jewish Community, which recorded testimony between 1988-2000. The project was developed with the specialist advice of leading Jewish historians and complements a number of collections held by the Sound Archive on Jewish life in Britain.

Dig World War 2: The Millisle Farm Story

by Snow, Dan and Litvack, Leon (2013); Published by BBC One Television

Dan Snow interviews Leon Litvack about the Millisle Farm Project.

Dokin: German and Austrian War Children In The Netherlands

by Keesing, Miriam (2014); Published by Duitse Oorlogskinderen In Nederland

Dokin is a Dutch acronym for Duitse Oorlogskinderen In Nederland (German War Children in the Netherlands). Here you will find information about the refugee children from the Third Reich who came to the Netherlands after Kristallnacht. Almost 2000 children came to the Netherlands between November 1938 and September 1939.

Escape From the Holocaust 1939

by Moratz, Ralph (2015)

Ralph Moratz writes of his childhood journey from Berlin, via Kindertransport to France, and in September 1941 to New York. One of his childhood companions was concert promoter Bill Graham.

Exploring 20th Century London: Kindertransports

A British overview of the Kindertransport, with links to documents pertaining to Kind Grete Glauber, who later took on the surname of her adoptive mother, Quaker schoolteacher Olive Rudkin.

Gerettet Berichte von Kindertransport und Auswanderung nach Großbritannien

by Thune, Eva-Marie (2019); Published by Hentrich und Hentrich Verlag

Eva-Maria Thüne visited 36 Kindertransport ‘children’ and held talks with them in 2017-2018. The main concern of the linguist was to gain knowledge about the attitudes of the rescued towards the German and the acquisition of the English language. As a study on the language of migrants, von Thüne’s investigation includes questions about language change, linguistic and cultural affiliation and identity. Her website includes links to the interviews.

German and Austrian War Children In The Netherlands

by Keesing, Miriam (2013); Published by DOKIN

Dokin is a Dutch acronym for Duitse Oorlogskinderen In Nederland (German War Children in the Netherlands). Here you will find information about the refugee children from the Third Reich who came to the Netherlands after Kristallnacht. There were almost 2000 children that came to the Netherlands. On this website you will find information on these children and about this period in Dutch history.

Girl Museum madchen des kindertransport

by Rosborough, Kelsey

Girl Museum is the first museum in the world dedicated to girlhood. We are a virtual museum for exhibitions, education, and raising awareness about girls and girlhood globally. We are also an information platform for social/cultural dialogue and investigation. We research and collect cross-cultural historic and contemporary images and stories from and about girlhood around the world. Through exhibitions, publications, and projects, we explore and document the unique experience of being born and growing up female.

Hebrew University Jerusalem Holocaust Oral Histories

The 1,400 Holocaust audio interviews and transcripts reflect the vast scope of oral histories collected by researchers which have been archived at the Oral History Division of the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They include interviews conducted in the early 1960s. The collection developed over the past 60 years as more research was undertaken by established and emerging scholars and questions relating to the experience of Jews under Nazism broadened. This resource should provide an invaluable tool for researchers in Holocaust studies.

Holocaust & the Kindertransport: Vera

by Gissing, Vera (2007); Published by Teachers TV

A 5 minute video of Vera Gissing, a Kind from Czechoslovakia, remembering her Kindertransport experience and reuniting with an old friend.

Holocaust Day: A Haven in Wales

(2005) Published by BBC 2 Wales

This documentary, broadcast on BBC 2 Wales on Holocaust Day 2005, features the reminiscences of some of the 200 Kindertransport children who found a haven at Gwrych Castle in North East Wales.

Holocaust Memorial Center

Located in Michigan, the Holocaust Memorial Center’s collection includes the three Kindertransport Memory Quilts, made with memorial squares contributed by members of the Kindertransport Association.

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, based in London, has an online archive of articles about the Kindertransports.