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Abschied ein Leben Lang- A Life-Long Farewell

by Kratz, Kathe (1999); Published by Extrafilm

Three former residents of Vienna, KTA member Anne (Anny) Kelemen, Gerda Lederer and Curtis Brown (Kurt Braun), return to Vienna, the city where they were born. They are invited by the ‘Lost Neighborhood’ memorial project, part of which is the reconstruction of the façade of a synagogue destroyed 60 years ago. The stories told by these three emigrants are juxtaposed with images of this project, resulting in a dramatic, humorous and moving documentary of Jewish life in 1930s Vienna.

All My Loved Ones

by Minac, Matej (1999)

A feature film that focuses on a family in dramatizing the story of the Kindertransports from Prague.

Diane Samuels’ Kindertransport: The Author’s Guide to the Play

by Samuels, Diane (2014); Published by Nick Hern Books

The author’s guide to Kindertransport, an invaluable and uniquely authoritative resource for anyone studying, teaching or performing the play. First staged by the Soho Theatre Company in London in 1993, Diane Samuels’ Kindertransport has enjoyed huge success around the world and is widely studied in colleges. The play tells the story of nine-year-old Eva, a German Jewish girl, sent by her parents on the Kindertransport to start a new life with a foster family in Britain just before the outbreak of World War Two. Years later, she has changed her name to Evelyn and denied her roots.

Dig World War 2: The Millisle Farm Story

by Snow, Dan and Litvack, Leon (2013); Published by BBC One Television

Dan Snow interviews Leon Litvack about the Millisle Farm Project.

Goodbye, Marianne

by Watts, Irene Kirsten (1995); Published by Winnipeg: Scirocco Drama

This play is aimed at audiences in grades 4 – 6. May be out of print. Try your local library or Holocaust Memorial Center

Holocaust & the Kindertransport: Vera

by Gissing, Vera (2007); Published by Teachers TV

A 5 minute video of Vera Gissing, a Kind from Czechoslovakia, remembering her Kindertransport experience and reuniting with an old friend.

Into the Arms of Strangers

by Oppenheimer, Deborah and Mark Jonathan Harris (2000); Published by London: Bloomsbury

The companion book to the film. May be out of print. Try your local library or Holocaust Memorial Center.


by Samuels, Diane (1995); Published by New York: Plume

This play has been performed worldwide, on the West End, Off-Broadway, and in community theaters.

Last Train to Tomorrow: The Kindertransport Movement 1938-1939

by Davis, Carl and Oram, Hiawyn (2011); Published by Faber Music Ltd.

A musical tribute to the Kindertransport for children’s choir, actors and orchestra.

Making An Entrance, the Biography of Gerard Gould

by Martin, Margaret (2010); Published by D R Green

Gerard Gould is a teacher and director of amateur drama with a uniquely charismatic personality, and those gifts are rare enough to merit attention; but the life of the man behind the work is truly fascinating. He was born Günter Goldstein in Germany in 1922, the youngest child of a prosperous Jewish family. He was a witness (and a perceptive, profoundly intelligent witness) to the gathering horror that was Nazi Germany. He came to England on a Kindertransport.

Margaret Kahn interview

by Kahn, Margaret (2016); Published by Mercy Community

Margaret Kahn, née Jonas, tells her lifer story, from Kindertransport on December 1, 1938 to a teaching hospital in London, marriage and life in Connecticut. At 94, she still volunteers to speak with young students.


by Lichtenstein, Jonathan (2006); Published by London: Nick Hern Books Limited

A drama involving a Kindertransport family, Memory was first performed at Clwyd Theatr Cymru in Wales in November 2006 and subsequently produced at the 59E59 Theaters in New York City in 2007. May be out of print. Try your local library or Holocaust Memorial Center.

My Heart in a Suitcase

by Gunning, Greg (2006); Published by ArtsPower National Touring Theatre

Family theater production based on the life of Anne Fox.

My Knees Were Jumping: Remembering the Kindertransports

by Hacker, Melissa (1996); Published by Bee's Knees Productions

Award-winning documentary film directed by the daughter of a Kind from Vienna.

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Nicky & Vera: A Quiet Hero of the Holocaust and the Children He Rescued – Webinar

(2021) Published by Holocaust Museum Los Angeles

Nicky & Vera is a new book, by award-winning author-artist Peter Sís, that introduces the Holocaust to youngsters ages 6-9. The panel features Barbara Winton, the daughter of Sir Nicholas Winton; Peter Sís, author and illustrator; and Michele Gold, Museum Board Chair and the daughter of Rita Berwald who journeyed to safety on a Kindertransport out of Leipzig, Germany.

Nicky’s Family

by Minac, Matej (2011); Published by Minac, Matej and Pass, Patrik

Nicky’s Family tells the story of Nicholas Winton, an Englishman who organized the rescue of 669 Czech and Slovak children just before the outbreak of World War II.

Robert and Eva

by Suchmann, Mike (2012)

KT3 Mike Suchmann has made this short film about his Grandparens, both Kindertransport Survivors, their childhoods, how they met, and their 62 year marriage.

Ruth, A Little Girl’s Big Journey

by Westheimer, Ruth (2020); Published by USC Shoah Foundation

An animated short film for primary school students follows Dr. Ruth’s Holocaust story of survival as a young girl to explore universal themes; fear, loss and lonliness, as well as resilience, bravery and hope.

Testimony of the Human Spirit

by Robbins, Sarah Kate, and Zucker, Stanley (2004); Published by Westchester Holocaust Education Center

A group of four short documentary films that tell the history of the Holocaust from 1933 to 1945 through the eyes and words of six survivors. Interweaving the powerful personal accounts of these men and women who were children in Europe during the Holocaust, including KTA member Sel Hubert, the film documents their journeys from persecution through liberation to the shores of America, where they overcame horror and loss to create meaningful, productive lives. Created for use in schools.

The Children Who Cheated the Nazis: The Story of the Kindertransport

by Read, Sue (2000)

A documentary film that was broadcast on British television in 2002.