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Kindertransport: Terror, Trauma and Triumph

by Sharples, Carolyn (2004); Published by History Today Magazine

Caroline Sharples discusses the bitter-sweet experiences of the Jewish children permitted to travel to England to escape the Nazi regime, leaving their families behind them.

Kindertransport: Tylers Green Hostel for young Jewish Refugees

by Koschland, Bernard (2007); Published by Jewish Historical Society of England

This article in the journal Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions, Volume 41, describes two wartime hostels for young refugees who arrived in Britain under the auspices of the Refugee Children’s Movement. Clearly written, it provides details of the daily life and problems (budgets,etc) of the kind of hostels to which Kinder were sent.

My German Question: Growing up in Nazi Berlin

by Gay, Peter (1998); Published by New Haven: Yale University Press

May be out of print. Try your local library or Holocaust Memorial Center.