Zoom Reading and Talk with Author Lilly Maier hosted by 3G Philadelphia and 3G New York


December 10, 2023    
3:00 pm EST - 5:00 pm EST

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Young Historian Lilly Maier, who has been a guest at the KTA on several occasions, will present her newly published English edition of her book Arthur and Lilly. The Girl and the Holocaust-Survivor. The book is a biography of Kind Arthur Kern, and also tells the story of how their friendship affected both of their lives. Lilly met Arthur when she was 11 when he, a retired aircraft engineer living in Los Angeles, came to her apartment in Vienna, where he had lived as a child before fleeing the country in 1939. This is a fascinating look at a little recognized part of the Kindertransport experience, the 200 children sent to France and then to the USA. The event is hosted by the 3rd generation network 3G Phily and 3G New York.

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