The Kindertransport Journey: Memory into History Exhibit at the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County


November 12, 2023 - April 21, 2024    
All Day

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Kindertransport Survivor Robert Sugar has created a series of exhibition panels that trace these children’s’ epic journey from 1938 into the 21st century. Robert Sugar, who fled Vienna aged six, spent the war years on the Millisle Refugee Settlement Farm in Northern Ireland, and felt that the daily life of this Jewish refugee farming community, unique in Ireland, should be recorded. At 14, he began to make photos of work in the fields, the buildings they built, the animals, the scenery, and the people.

In June 1989, on the 50th anniversary of the Kindertransports, over a thousand people, Kindertransport survivors and their families, gathered in London for a reunion. Many came from Britain, where they had settled; others came from many different countries to which they had emigrated. Most knew a piece of the story; but few knew the overall story of the Kindertransports; a few, rescued and adopted as very young children, did not know they had been part of a larger story. Inspired by this gathering, Robert, a graphic designer, set to work. This exhibit traces that larger story, sharing both the history, and details of the lives of individual Kinder and their families. It is an effort to retrieve the almost lost story of an almost lost generation.

Special events, speakers and film screenings, will be part of this 85th year commemorative exhibit.


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