One Life film at the New York Jewish Film Festival


January 10, 2024    
7:30 pm EST - 9:30 pm EST

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In this vivid and stirring historical drama, based on true events, two-time Academy Award winner Sir Anthony Hopkins gives an intensely moving performance as Sir Nicholas Winton, a humble, mild-mannered British stockbroker who during World War II helped Jewish refugee children escape to safety from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia. In the 1980s, suddenly forced to recall the events he had for decades kept to himself, Winton flashes back to stories of this heroism, which was aided by his lionhearted mother Babette (played in flashbacks by the wondrous Helena Bonham Carter), who assisted in fundraising and navigating bureaucratic obstacles in the U.K. In addition to being a remembrance of bravery and goodness in times of evil, One Life is a vibrant reminder of the importance of human compassion.

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