Kinder Talk: Manny Korman’s Fascinating Family Journey


September 27, 2023    
2:00 pm EDT - 3:00 pm EDT

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KTA members are invited to hear Manny Korman speak about his family’s survival in the inaugural “Kinder Talk,”

Please join us as we hear Manny describe his family’s deportation to the Polish border before Kristallnacht, their life in “no man’s land” on the Polish-German border, his father’s trip on the infamous ship, the St. Louis to Cuba and then back to Holland (the “Voyage of the Damned”), his mother’s flight from Poland to the US via Italy and his and his brother’s Kindertransport train ride from Warsaw to a Polish port town where they boarded a ship to England via the North Sea. Manny will recount how he and his family managed to survive, reunite and stay in touch with a frightened little boy they met on the train after his mother had initially taken him off the train before she finally let him go.