Book reading “Arthur and Lilly”


October 30, 2023    
6:00 pm EDT - 7:30 pm EDT

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Young Historian Lilly Maier, who has been a guest speaker with the KTA on several occasions, will present her newly published English edition of her book Arthur and Lilly. The Girl and the Holocaust-Survivor. The book is a biography of Kind Arthur Kern, and also tells the story of how their friendship affected both of their lives. Lilly met Arthur when she was 11 when he, a retired aircraft engineer living in Los Angeles, came to her apartment in Vienna, where he had lived as a child before fleeing the country in 1939. This is a fascinating look at a little recognized part of the Kindertransport experience, the 200 children sent to France and then to the USA.

JCC Buffallo – Benderson Family Building, 2640 North Forest Rd, Getzville, NY 14068

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