JEC Middle School Remembers

Posted on June 23, 2023

The importance of learning about the Holocaust cannot be overestimated, especially for Jewish students. With this in mind, the middle school students at the JEC have spent the past few weeks learning about different aspects of the Holocaust, taking a unique approach to this important, yet often difficult topic.

Each grade in the middle school had its own focus. The sixth grade students focused on individual stories of survivors with whom they had a bond. They conducted interviews of survivors or, if the survivor was no longer able to tell his or her story, a family member of the survivor. They then researched the key points of the story using the internet. The students then used the AI technology available on to have the survivor’s story come to life.

Seventh graders learned about the Kindertransport. They then used their knowledge to create a fictitious story about a child who went on the Kindertransport. These poignant stories incorporated the facts the students learned about this difficult time with their own creativity. Each story moved the viewer/reader, helping to understand the Kindertransport experience.

Eighth graders focused on the Jewish communities that were decimated by the Holocaust. The presentations showed what life in these communities was like before the war, told what happened to those who lived in the communities, and finally, what life is like there today.

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