Concern over missing Kindertransport memorial

Posted on December 15, 2022

Iconic bronze Frank Meisler statue, similar to one at Liverpool Street Station, was meant to be removed from Gdańsk station for two months but is still absent four years later.

Concerns are mounting for a cherished Kindertransport memorial missing for almost four years from outside a train station where 124 children were given safe passage from the Nazis.

The statue by British-Israeli artist Frank Meisler, similar to one by late sculpturist on display at Liverpool Street Station, was removed in early 2019 from outside Gdańsk station – the Polish town where Meisler was born – to allow for renovations to the concourse. Entitled ‘Kindertransport – The Departure’, it had been in place for almost a decade.

Following its removal, local authorities assured Rabbi Michal Samet of Gdańsk synagogue that the statue would return  “within two  months”.   Now, almost four years later, fears are mounting among the local Jewish community that the iconic artwork – marking the place where four Kindertransports took youngsters to safety before September 1939 – may not return to public display.

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