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These resources have been compiled by the Kindertransport Association as an effort to make it easier for students and interested parties to locate all the best materials in print, film, and online. Use the search feature or browse by category using the links to the left. More history and stories about the Kindertransport can be found in our History and Voices sections.

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Government Documents

Admission of German Refugee Children." U.S. Congress, House Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, 76th Congress, First Session, 1939
U.S. Congress, House Committee on Immigration, 1939.

Kindertransport Library of the Religious Society of Friends in Britain


In 1933 Meeting for Sufferings (the executive body of the Society of Friends) set up the Germany Emergency Committee (GEC),later renamed the Friends Committee for Refugees and Aliens (FCRA),in response to anti-Jewish laws of the new Nazi regime.

This is a list of Kindertransport research resources.

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