My Heart in a Suitcase

NOVEMBER 1, 2008 to DECEMBER 30, 2016

ArtsPower National Touring Theater
This play, drawn from the autobiography of Kind Anne Fox is currently touring schools and other venues. KTA members are invited to attend any of the performances at no charge. Click on DETAILS below to view a video!

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Conference of Child Survivors and Descendants

NOVEMBER 4-7, 2016

The KTA is a member of the World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust and Descendants, and now we are merging our conferences. All KTA members are invited to attend the 2016 conference.

Details in the next months.

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“Honoring the Kindertransport” European Tour

AUGUST 10, 2016

KT2 Rachel Rubin Green is organizing a trip for Kinder and families.

The route will mimic the routes of the Kindertransport. We start in Vienna, traveling by train from Vienna to Prague to Berlin, (although Kindertransport trains originated in each city) to London.

For details, see the full description.

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Kindertransport survivor to speak at Yom Hashoah observance, Maitland,Florida

MAY 1, 2016 4PM

In addition to traditional music and local survivors lightning candles in remembrance of Hitler's victims, the program features a conversation with Peter Homburger, a survivor who now lives in Colorado. He is the uncle of a Maitland resident Dr. Eve Homburger, who was instrumental in arranging for him to speak here. He was rescued in the Kindertransport and will talk about that effort in 1939 and the impact it had in his life

For information contact Terrance Hunter at 407-628-0555 x 225.

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