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Membership and Donations

Membership in the Kindertransport Association includes the following:

  • A subscription to the Kinderlink newsletter, a quarterly publication.
  • Invitations to local events and national reunions.
  • Access to email listserves
  • KTA members of all generations are invited to add their stories to the Voices of The Kinder section of the KTA website.

You may join, renew your membership, and make donations online, using the form below, or, if you would prefer to pay for your membership, renewal, or donation by check, please download and print our Membership and Donation Form, fill it out completely and mail it in with your check.

All memberships are for 1 year and start on July 1.

(* = Required Field)

The Kindertransport Association is a section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization that welcomes your donations.

Contributions to The Educational Fund support the exhibition The Kindertransport Journey and other educational activities of the organization.

Contributions to The Charitable Fund go to children in need today, regardless of background.


Please make my donation in honor of the name entered above.

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For the Next Generations:
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The Kindertransport Association