Dr. Ruth, Dr. Kissinger, and Trump’s Cruelty to Families

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Kindertransport child refugee who fled Nazis to retrace journey

An 80-year-old refugee who arrived in Britain from Nazi Europe as a toddler is taking part in a cycle ride to mark the rescue of 10,000 children.

Paul Alexander will retrace the first journey of the Kindertransport rescue for the 80th anniversary.

The rescue was organised after the anti-Jewish violence of Kristallnacht in Germany in November 1938.

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Cyclists to retrace route of Kindertransport that saved 10,000 from Holocau

World Jewish Relief has organised the commemorative ride from Berlin to London to mark 80 years since the evacuation effort.

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Holocaust survivor returns to Millisle

She survived the horrors of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, where most of her family were murdered by the Nazis.

But it was on the County Down coast that Rachel Levy began to recover from the Holocaust.

She was among a small number of Jewish orphans brought to live in a farm near Millisle in the immediate aftermath of World War Two.

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Kindertransport Commemorative Cycle. Berlin to London 17-22 June 2018

World Jewish Relief is creating an exceptional new cycle challenge to commemorate 80 years since they, as the Central British Fund for German Jewry (CBF), orchestrated the Kindertransport and brought 10,000 children to safety.

This unique six day cycle will emulate the journey taken by the children on the first Kindertransport train, departing Berlin and travelling to London Liverpool St, via Holland and the ferry to Harwich.

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Boy who fled Nazi Germany in Kindertransport tells tale of survival

Ken Appel, 90, spoke to Watford Rotary Club about being beaten by his former friends and eventually being expelled from school for being Jewish during the rise of the Nazi Party.

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