Kindertransport Memory Quilt Square

Quilt 2, Square 20

Artist: Eva Levy and Peter Reiche

On January 18, 1939, a train left Nürnberg, Germany. On the same day another train left Berlin.  Somewhere on the way to the Hook of Holland the two trains were joined.  A large number of Kinder crossed the channel on the ferry arriving at Harwich the next morning.  A group of these Kinder went on by train to London’s Liverpool Street Station. Among this latter group were two Kinder, Eva Putzel and Peter Reiche.

We did not know each other.  We were both met by Mr. Wolfgang Herrmann and his wife, Anny, nee Marx. This couple, aged 39 and 32, had two children.  A girl aged 8 and a boy 5 years old. This Jewish couple had left Germany in 1933 and lived in a large house in Hampstead Garden suburb. Eva and Peter were treated exactly as their own children.  Eva was sent to school to learn dressmaking and Peter to learn photography.  A close relationship developed between us two Kinder and our foster parents, which only ended with their passing in the early nineties.

Eva Levy was born Eva Putzel on May 27, 1923 in Nürnberg.  She married a dentist, Dr. Ronald Levy and has three children. Two of them live in Israel and Eva is now a grandmother of seven, dividing her time between London and Israel. Eva’s parents managed to get to England just before the outbreak of the war.

Peter Reiche was born on January 5, 1923 in Berlin. His parents survived the Theresienstadt concentration camp and he was reunited with them in Berlin.  He eventually migrated to the United States.  He is retired and lives in New York and Florida.

The quilt square commemorates the Herrmanns who saved Eva’s and Peter’s lives by taking them into their home.

Eva Levy and Peter Reiche


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