Kindertransport Memory Quilt Square

Quilt 1, Square 15

Artist: Ilse F. Camis (Gross)

I was born in Vienna in 1925.

On March 13, 1939 I was put on the Kindertransport by my uncle and grandmother and sent to England where I went to live in a Hostel in Tynemouth. When war broke out, we had to leave the coast and were moved to Windermere in the lake district.  The Quakers gave us a house and about 22 girls lived there. We have since that time all found each other and are in close touch. Unfortunately three of us have died.

My quilt depicts me sitting in the train and my grandmother waving good-bye.  I never saw my grandparents or uncle again.


Ilse F. Camis (Gross)


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